Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jackass Express Podcast # 20 Link Dump

Wanna hear our take on the xbone vs ps-snore? No? Don’t jump the gun, seriously, we might surprise you! …SURPRISE! No? okay…sorry, just listen here

This week’s “hosts”
Walter "Tip"


·         X Box One
·         Segway off the cliff
·         Al Roker
·         X Box One Non Sharing of Games
·         Megaman on Super Smash Bros
·         World Cup Soccer NES
·         Legend of Zelda for NES
·         Dragon Force Sega Saturn

Friday, June 14, 2013

Jackass Express Link Dump # 19

 Jackass Express, drinks Skittle Brau

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Grab a beer (if you’re of legal age, if not grab some skittles) and give us a listen here

This week’s “hosts”
Walter "Tip"

·         Super Bowl XLVII
·         Baltimore Orioles
·         Lights go out at the Superbowl
·         Bane intervening in Superbowl
·         Snow Sculptures Skull
·         Snow Darth Vader
·         Snow Penguin sculptures
·         Absolutely not going to link the Maury thing –Pat
·         Grumpy Cat
·         Real Life Golden Eye Video
·         Meanwhile in Finland
·         Bed intruder link
·         People smoking liquor
·         Drinking hand sanitizer
·         Picture of Skittle Brau
·         Drinking Beer from Das boot
·         Editors note: Jonny did not go to Vegas…liar